The Burning Finger Of Death


I could see it. Playing with you lifeless body. Burning it with its fingers. This rhythm that somehow made your flash move in spasms. I didn’t focus in anything but your face but I knew you were not alone. You were piled with other bodies. Naked. Bones were visible in places and no one cared. But me. Just those paced spasms. Like a heartbeat. Like that finger was giving you not life but death. Like that beat proved your death. Every time it touched your face it became darker with a smell. And I couldn’t escape this vision. Your once smooth skin was now being played just so I could be totally sure you were not there anymore. And all those bodies above you were moving like an animal. Beat after beat. The darker you all got. Blackness spread all over that heap of bodies. But I could only see you. And how much I already missed you.


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