The Black Bird On A Tree

Black Bird On A Tree

He waits for you during the night. Trapped on his last tree. The one where the sun will eventually erase him. And no one will remember the bird who waited for you on a cut tree. So go and find him. Find all his darkness before it is too late. Before you cannot find anything but a blinding whiteness. Your eyes will then get hurt by all that noise. And you will wish it was dark once again. Because deep inside you know that you are a night person. And its colour will forever be your confort. So follow his song. The one you clearly recognize everytime you wake up in the middle of the night. And go. Just go find your black bird and dance. Dance like you are the crazy one and you mean it. Dance till your black bird on a cut tree cannot sing anymore. Fulfilled by your delivery. Your joy. And then go catch him and bite his head off. Swallow it without thinking and go back to bed. When the sun rises once again and you are obliged to face it simply show him your black peack. He will never reach out for you again. And you will be once again the master of yourself and all your loneliness.


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