The Dark Passenger Has Arrived

The Dark Passenger

The dark passenger has arrived. He has been waiting, wandering about, watching us quietly, absorbing all our light. So soon every little thing you are accustomed to see will be gone, out of your reach, just pure darkness. You can try to run against him but you will never overtake him. And yet you will know he is there. Right in front of you. You can feel his breath, his movement. But your wide open eyes won’t believe in him. And you’ll get confused. And panic. And then your vision will distort. And your hands will get in a dark tunnel. And you will believe you are losing your senses but you are not. It is real. You have been too close to the passenger and his darkness mingled with your soul. And you are being devoured. Still battling against that notion of falling into the abyss your body will start soon to shiver. And that’s when you will be snatched. By him. And everything you see today will be his. And you will be nothing but a fading light. In his arms. You stop. Being you. You. Are. Not. But. Him.



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