You Can Be Anything You Want To Be Except You, So Choose To Love [Lucky You]

In life you can do things. Actually you can do many infinite things. So you can be anything. Seriously. You can. But never forget that you can also be what you’re not. So from time to time stop. Just stop. And check your own reflection. And see if you recognize yourself. Because you can be everything but not everything is you. And the ones you love are not really chosen by neither of you. So don’t push it too hard. Because if you love you will be yourself. No matter what.

But like most things in life you can be in that moment the better version of yourself. So love the ones who love you. Deeply. Follow them even when you don’t want to. Because you’ll never stop being yourself. Remember this. And maybe you’ll find a new you. Closer to the truth. Which you will never truly find. If you are lucky enough you might sense it. You might even touch it. But you’ll never be it. Because you can be everything at the same time. Every single choice in every single moment.

And you’ll doubt yourself and the one’s you cherish. And you’ll once again deviate from the person you are. And you’ll hurt people. And you’ll know it. But you won’t stop. You just go with your needing and do whatever you can to escape from that pain. And many will disappear behind you. Most of them actually. And then you’ll find yourself lost. Again and again. So remember this. The ones who love you will be near enough. You just have to raise your hand a bit. And they’ll be there for you. Always.

Most people don’t even realise until it’s too late who these persons are. Most of us get stuck in this illusion of having many caring friends. But no. They are only a few. Probably less then what you are thinking. And probably some of them are already gone too. And you become weaker when they perish. And you know it. And you miss them oh so fucking much. And you know it. So don’t choose to treat the ones around like you don’t love them. Because you do. Lucky you.


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