Madonna Showed Much More Than A Nipple [MDNA Tour]

So, it seems the public (probably fuelled by the media) is bashing Madonna because she showed a nipple in a recent MDNA Tour concert. The story went viral and everyone had something to say about a middle aged woman who showed a part of her body. How can that be per se a problem? Because I truly believe most of those opinions came from people who didn’t watch the concert, specially the Like A Virgin rendition.

Madonna showed her nipple at the end of the Human Nature song, where she so famously sings Express Yourself, Don’t Repress Yourself. And then, Like A Virgin starts and everything also starts to make sense. Accompanied only by Korzeniowski‘s score, she sings in pure introspection, about life, about the eternal search for immortality, about (her and ours) irremediable body decadence over time. She, like us, wants to drink from the fountain of youth. And yet, no matter how hard she tries and wants, her body fails her. By assuming it Madonna exposed herself totally to the public who went to the concert. Much more than a body part.

And that is why the nipple is of lesser importance. And Madonna, more then anyone in pop culture, knows it best.

You can watch the Like A Virgin performance (and the end of Human Nature) bellow, this time in Coimbra, Portugal:


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