This Empty Feeling Of Being Just Half Of Me

The notion that you can be everything there’s left for me to embrace is as pure as puissant. Like a kick in the stomach. You can make me crawl. And that’s life. Which gives you the power to give life. To me. But also to kill it. Without even trying. And we both know just how deep we’ve gone. In each other. And that’s as dangerous as blissful. And I’m truly thankful that I’m fortunate enough to be part of your path. As you’re part of mine. And I’m also pretty sure that many times our paths intertwine. And it keeps getting harder and harder to separate them. ‘Cos we’re stronger. Together. And I cannot wait for the day we don’t have to divide. Not anymore. Even if just for the tiniest brief moment. ‘Cos we’re already one. And I don’t like this empty feeling of being just half of me. So make it soon. My love. And let us be.

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