When will the monsters perish? [this and other rhetorical questions with an unexpected twist in the last paragraph]

I truly don’t know what to write. What can I say? What can I add? When does it become worth to live something and write about it? How much do I have to laugh or cry to make something worthwhile? Well, let me tell you, I had a wonderful weekend.

And no matter what I write now will it ever be fair to what it meant. It was something I wished long ago but sometimes the monsters inside you are so much threatening then the real ones that you keep living full of fear. And what’s that if you lose your beloved ones? What’s the point of living a fearful life if that makes you lose the ones you care about? What’s the point of never saying what you feel? Of being afraid of rejection? Of being afraid of other’s judgment?

You must know that if you are a good person and if you take care of your close ones all those monsters will easily perish. You just have to make the first step. The first decision. The one who will make you truthful to yourself. And everyone who truly matters and everyone who loves you will embrace every little bit of you protecting you from all those monsters.

And you must also know that when a monster cannot harm a person he will soon give up. And will disappear far away from you. Ashamed of all his anger. And you will be surrounded by those who do know you. Those who see you completely. And love you. And cherish being with you. And so you will become the luckiest one. No fears. No monsters. Only love. And a life full of it.


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