Writing can be fun, seriously! [An article about nothing and the joy of writing about it]

Writing can be fun, seriously!

When someone decides to become a writer, be it as a hobby or as a professional, there will always be a moment when you cannot find the inspiration to deliver the content you first hoped you could write. But that’s just the way it is, you silly boy on the green couch.  Because writing can be fun, seriously! At least when words come flowing. And that usually happens in the beginning of your relation with the act of writing. Just like in everything in life. There is always some kind of euphoria in your new project. Ambition fills your body with invincible emotions. You will triumph, definitely!

But, well, you know, there’s a thing called irony and life is totally a pro on that one. That peak of emotions, it all fades away with time. You become slothful and your first objective suddenly loses its charm.  And that’s exactly when you have the option to become good in what you do. Really good. Because most will fail and give up, never going anywhere beside their lazy comfort zone. So make a difference and fight those first disappointments. If you succeed you’ll learn through the experience and you will also be inspired to succeed in other areas in life. Because your actions, be them great or small, define you. Always. So keep writing. Even when you have nothing to say.


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