Who Isn’t Mary Louise?

Meryl Streep

Tonight Meryl might win her third Oscar, her first since she played Sophie in 1982. Tonight she also might not win the award for the fourteenth time. She is the absolute winner nevertheless. Because in the slightly above average The Iron Lady Meryl shows us once again why she is the best actress alive. Probably ever too. There’s a certain intelligence in everything she does. Every expression. Every apparent random movement from her body. Every frame seems fully rehearsed. And yet no one can portrait a person as real as Meryl in a movie frame.


In a few hours we will all know if Meryl Streep will make her typical but irresistible humorous speech thanking the Academy or if she will just be applauding this years’ winner. Be it Viola Davis or Michelle Williams or one of the others. Because one thing Mary Louise knows is she will never be one of the others.


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