MDNA Graffiti: A Different Perspective From Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Entrance: Vogue

Everyone now knows about the most watched Super Bowl Halftime Show ever. Be it for the iconic Madonna extravaganza, be it for M.I.A.‘s finger. The truth is that Madonna, visibly nervous, gave it all and delivered a great performance full of hits from her 30 year old unparalleled career. It all started with Egyptian styled Vogue and its dramatic entrance (see above).


It’s interesting to know that Madonna’s performance had a better TV share then the game itself. The only time that happened was when Michael Jackson did the Halftime in 1993. In this new era of social networks, Madonna’s Halftime show also became the third most tweeted event ever (10.245 tweets per second).

MDNA Graffiti

But one image got my attention, and it was one viewers were not able to watch in their televisions. The graffiti in the back of her throne (see above). Designed with the letters MDNA (Madonna’s upcoming album) it simply strikes against all the luxury gold of the set and costumes. And that is, in fact, Madonna’s very own essence.


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