You, Sexy You!


If only people realized that saying they’re sexy has the effect of killing every single drop of sexiness in their own body. If only they knew how beauty only makes sense when there is an admirer. The one who has the power to say those words. And if they are spoken in our direction let us be proud but most of all humble. Because you are not sexy at all if you are the only one saying it. So just shut up, you silly creature!


4 thoughts on “You, Sexy You!

  1. Sometimes it works though… like Ricky Martin’s “I’m sexy and I know it.” Well… I think you have a point there. A person who says it out loud has a lower chance of getting complimented, as no one likes someone who is bragging.

  2. It’s just so much beautiful and honest when it’s someone else saying it to us…

  3. I agree with you on that, I rather other people tell me, than my telling myself. I nice honest, “You are beautiful” is hard to come by, but really nice when it does happen, as often times people say it for manipulative reasons.

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