Black Swan


Natalie Portman is really perfect in her role of Nina, a ballerina who was given the double role of White/Black Swan in the classic Swan Lake. Nina fits the White Swan role perfectly but to impersonate the Black Swan with the same kind of perfection puts her in a personal journey where she must step out of her control zone and embrace all her hidden fears and deepest emotions. 

 Natalie gives us one of those performances that only come from time to time, her skin, her body, her fears, her sexuality, her breath, everything’s builds up to create an epic climax.

Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler) shows all his skills as a director with great scenes where Nina’s duality is shown through mirrors, glasses and shadows; his vision also lets the viewer dance with Nina and feel all her emotions in a frenetic way.

A must-see!


4 thoughts on “Black Swan

  1. Quero muito muito ver! Ainda por cima para além do Requiem for a Dream ser um dos meus filmes favoritos, a Natalie é <3>Espero que estejas melhor ^^Abraço!

  2. Hey!Vale muuuuito a pena o filme, excelente mesmo! Já estou um pouco melhor ehehehAbração!

  3. Lá o terei que ver então!! ^^Agora estou eu com a garganta meio aflita, tosse e ranhoca! LOLMas pelo menos tenho comidinha caseira ^^ABRAÇOOOOOOO

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