The World Feels Empty…


… and yet I can reach you. Right above that tree. That wall is nothing but space. And the deep shadows are nothing but my bliss. Because I can kiss you goodnight. From this far away. And I’ll know you will get them all. Just like you couldn’t let one miss your cheek. And forget. All the things we missed. While you were sleeping. But don’t worry. Cos I’m still here. Looking for all the things that are happening and that you cannot sense. And I will. And you will know it. There’s nothing you will not live. While I’m here with you. And you’ll breath. All the cold air. So that I can survive warmer under this pale blue sky. It freezes me. And I cannot move. Trapped inside my ridiculous body. A piece of space packed with sparks. And movements. Abrupt dances. I run all over this place. Searching for the feeling you gave me the moment you went away. And somehow I get it. From every single particle. A miracle in front of me. You rise everywhere I look. Everywhere I go you are. Every moment in time is yours. I cannot escape from you. And I wont. Until you bring me to sleep. And those cosy arms of yours embrace me. And I stop running. Stop worrying. And just be. Yours.


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